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1/4 Throttle Stutter - TPS?

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Last week I purchased a very clean and lightly used 2005 CRF450X with the CCC mods installed by a Honda dealer (cam, header pipe, rejet, opened air box, baffle removed, pink wire). The bike runs great and is very strong!

The only problem is it has a hesitation (stutter) at about ¼ throttle that can be felt only at a constant speed in any gear. You can’t feel it when accelerating up through the gears, only when at a steady cruise at about ¼ throttle or so. Everywhere else, throttle response is smooth.

I’ve been reading about the issue from a few others and I want to check if it might be the throttle position sensor (TPS).


1. Where is the TPS plug located?

2. Can I just unplug it to test if the problem goes away?

3. If I plug it back in is there any recalibration or resetting of any kind or is it back to the original state?

4. Any adverse affects on the bike while riding with the TPS unplugged?

By the way, I have changed the oil, oil filter, trans fluid, coolant, cleaned and oiled air filter, drained and put in fresh gas, pulled the jets and cleaned, put in a new spark plug. All of the above were in good condition to begin with but I wanted to start fresh.


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Thanks for the reply but I need a few clarifications please...

Where on the carb, what does it look like?

What do you mean by disturb the settings - what do I need to do (or not do) to make sure I don't disturb the settings?

Thanks again!

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