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Help with Honda Cub EZ90

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This machine is too rough to try to sell for big money so i been using it as a pitbike/basher for awhile and I decided to paly with the exhaust some and had bad results. I cut off the stock 20 pound steel muffler that had a 1/2 in. exhaust hole and replaced it with a FMF CR 80 aluminum muffler. It fit in thee perfect and lightened the bike nicely. I suspected that I would lose some bottom end torque and gain on the top. The actual results were I lost atleast 1/2 my bottom end and it did seem to pick some on the top but it longer to get there. Should I try to do like an expansion chamber pipe mod so the one coming out of the motor isn't like a 4 stroke anymore? Another option I was thinking about was to neck down the exit on the muffler since its much bigger than the stock size. Any help would be appreciated.

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