Oil leak help

Hey everyone........new to the site......I have an oil leak from behind the front sprocket....On my 06 YZ 450......I have replaced the 2 seals 3 times & it just keeps on leaking a slow but consistant leak......Can anyone tell me what to do to stop this leak??? Thanks!!!!

The steel collar the seal runs on may have a groove worn in it. If this is the case, the collar needs to be replaced. There is also an O-ring that seals between the collar and the shaft. It's not usually at fault, but it's also really cheap.

replace all 3 parts as Grey said also check for play (side to side/up/down) on the output shaft - if you have play it's a worn bearing which can be culprit too.

Thanks guy!! I will check into it...

maybe a silly question the shaft seal can it be replaced as easy as it looks also does the steel collar come out without a fight ? cant seem to find part numbers mine is also on an 06 450f

The seal is easy, but the collar can be a little stubborn. It tends to stick to the O-ring that seals it to the shaft. Once the sprocket is removed, a tap or two on the end of the shaft with a mallet or wood block will bump the shaft inward enough to snap it free of the O-ring, then you can grab it with a pair of "channel locks" and twist it out. Fish the O-ring out with a pick.

The seal, collar and O-ring are items 28, 29, and 30 on the transmission page of the fiche.


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