I tried. No they Will NOT 01YZ 250 2-stroke plastics work on a 02WR426F

I have all the plastics, save the airbox, but under close examination, I would require buying it... I was wondering if anyone had tried it... I'm not afraid to do major mods to make it work... If not, I guess I have a set for sale!

Thanks for all who help me and don't bash me for asking!:)


the front fender will fit

Thanks, I was kinda hoping to put it all on... Tank, seat , rad shrouds etc... It'll lighten it up, and open up some graphics options, as there are very few options for the WR426's...


Yep as the title says... They Will NOT fit... The tank does not fit over the head of the 4-stroke 426... So now I have a complete set of plastics for a YZ250 2-smoke for sale...


Use a YZ426 seat and tank, and then you can use the YZ426 graphics. The YZ stuff lets you get up on the tank better and improves handling too. The downside is less fuel, unless you run an oversized YZ tank.


Thanks Dave... I actually thought they were YZ250F, and I believe they would work also depending on the years, but then I realized they were from a 2 smoke... hence the reason I asked the question, then I just said $crew it and went out to the garage and tried to jam 'em on there... No Luck... SOOOoooooo I'm looking for more plastic..... again....


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