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KLX250 air box cover removal

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I heard about this mod and I am thinking about doing it but I'm not entirely sure if it will hurt the bike at all. The conditions we have here are dusty, muddy, wet, pretty much anything you can think of. So, can anyone confirm if this will hurt my bike or not?

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If you're talking about the KLX250S, I would not remove the air box cover, YET.

If you're sticking with stock exhaust, it makes less sense to remove the lid because you're not going to be moving all that much more air through the engine.

If, however, you're installing an exhaust that flows more, opening the airbox lid is a cheap way to increase the air flow. I prefer to replace the stock Snorkle on the KLX250S with the Snorkle from the KDX220 or KDX200 (flows far more air and is a drop-in replacement)

Remember, an engine is nothing more than an air pump. You can have a 5ft wide intake but you aren't making any more power if your stock exhaust remains the size of a straw. The converse is also true. You can put a whompin' huge exhaust on and, if you do not open up your intake to flow more air into the engine, you aren't going to make any more power.

IF you decide to increase intake and exhaust be aware that you will need to change your jetting. This is why I said don't do it, YET.

Make sure that when you do increase your flow into and out of the engine that you have the proper jetting on hand to compensate for the different flow. If you increase the air flowing through your engine and do not increase the amount of fuel, you're going to be running too lean and kill your engine.

Dynojet makes a jet kit for the KLX250S and the KLX300 Jet Kit for 2007 also works on the 250. (It's what I am using on mine)

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