03 WR450F purchase input

Hey guys,

New to the forum but certainly not internet forums or dirt bikes. Historically a kawi guy and my last ride was an 01 KX500.

I'm looking at an 03 WR450F, original owner and 1400km's on it going for $4k canadian. I think $4k canadian based on other local bikes for sale is reasonable, especially if its in good shape.

I'm know of the woodruff/starter issue with that year WR but evey thing else seems to be solid for that year. I'm looking for a bike that doesn't need continual up keep other than regular maintenence, i.e very reliable with good build quality and parts.

Looking at this bike tomorrow night..........any feed back?

Great bike. I owned one of the first 2003's delivered to So. California. Other than the fly wheel woodruff key issue, the bike was bullet proof. As you know, the problem with the woodruff key wasn't the problem. The idler gear was the problem and it was fixed for the 2004 model year. I can't comment on your Canadian dollar price and what the bike should go for in your local market.

I just paid $2,200 US for an 03 with new chain, sprockets and tires. I just ordered all new plastic to the tune of $120.00 which should really spiff her up :)

I have ridden yamaha's my whole life..I'll be 46 in may....they have all been two strokes. the last one I had was a 02 WR500 2 stroke...I now have an 04 wr 450 and it is by far the most powerful, fastest and hardest pulling bike I have ridden yet.. my brother bought an 03 last year and he feels the same way....his has less miles on it than the one your looking at, and he paid $3200 for it... so you seem to be right in the ball park..I paid 3500 for mine.

You won't be sorry with the buy. Mine has an aftermarket fmf silencer on it, and there is a big difference in power just from that...I'm going for a different header pipe next.

Anyway, good luck and I hope this helped.

I bought my 03 wr450 last summer for $2750 and it had a new top end in it. :)

I really appreciate the input guys. I know Yami just as Honda, are known for their build quality but every bike has their little issues.

I'm going to look at this tonight and if all goes well I guess you will have another regular forum member. The hard thing is making the mental switch from two strokes to four strokes. However we put a new FMF header and muffler on a friends KTM 690 SM last night and that thumping sound did get me excited lol.

Hey, I hope you get the bike...you'll have a blast....Like I said, I've ridden two strokes my whole life too. Trust me, it won't take you long to get use to it...I'll never go back to a 2 stroke. Not to mention that my factory tank is 2.4 or 2.5 gallons, and I have ridden 93 miles on it and still have a fair amount left....not sure how far I can go...my other bikes might go half that distance...you'll love it.....

talk to you later.


Well I'm closing the deal on this sucker.


I'm not a beliver it mint condition but this is as close as it gets.

Apparently where I'm located on the east coast of Canada none of the Yami dealers have had any recall issues with the 03 starter. I don't know if these bikes work pretty good with the stock jetting in my location (0-1500ft above sea level, temps usually 5deg C to 20deg C most riding days).

Bike looks in Awesome condition... As to WR riders in NFLD, there is a guy, can't remember his name, Never mind got it... MountainMax, he is the guy in Nfld... Big province, but you never know, he may live right next door... Look for posts by him, lots of info, and a good guy to boot... You'll love the WR!


Thanks I will defintly look him up. Will be looking for all the typical tips and tricks. I have read most of them but I need to ride the bike to get a baseline and go from there. This year I'll just be making sure the bike runs clean with with respect to jetting/carb. I may look for a yz450f pipe for it and thats it.

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