Steering lock part number.

I cant find this number anywhere, and two bike shops have tried looking on their system too.

I have one fitted to my bike but no keys for it, and would like to replace it.

Does anyone know the part number of this item please !?

Looks like this:




What is the bike? That will make a lot of difference. :)


Good point! its a 2004 Wr450!

Good point! its a 2004 Wr450!

Not in the US.... that must be a UK / AUS thing that they sell with street legal WR's.

Good luck... let us know because some of us state side might like that!

Not sure where to look, other than on the part itself, but i cant see any numbers, so il have to cut the security shear bolts and take it off the bike for a better look.

Dealers over here cant seem to find the part on their systems....

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