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Sf Race Recap

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We (Marc Burnett,paul keller,the doc and a few others) preran the weekend before the race. Found some great legal lines from rm 12.2 to check 1. From there we ran the road to morelia not the lake bed. no problems just took our time to go back and plot a few diff lines on the gps. From there it was fast to baja pits lunch area at 122 (the carne wasnt ready yet so we had tortillas). This is where it all went south, we drop into matomi and go about 2 miles and pick the wrong line. The first prerunner is a large v8 4 seater and it took 6 guys 3 hours to go 200 yards. Then it was my turn, we tried to back my carup but had no luck. So I headed for the same rock garden, thinking lighter car and more momentum would get me through, not. Landed on a large rock we jacked and rocked the car off. Then I blewup reverse (MENDI must make these things out of wood) I will never try to back my carup again. We finished our prerun with a flat and no radio commincations only to findout that the other car had over heated in huatamote and launched the engine, when we started it the next day it would not go into gear so it to was wounded in our rock garden tour.

Wed before the race, sitting at my home in EL Dorado a friend ridesup and says the lake bed is open and the only visual check will be at 12.2 rm. There goes my peaceful day (thursday) of having fun with jr. So off to reprerun,

we get to just before 3 pole and theres a path burned in between the moutains and the line under the poles is now burned in. we get to the lake bed and spent some time on the exit off the lake and found a great line through a fence across the runway and right up the rally road to morellia (about this time Iam getting a really bad feeling about this course and really feel bad about the people that didnt get to prerun all the new open areas)

When I got home I spent some time with my gps (Iam no wizard) we had saved 6.6 miles, crazy and with more time Iam sure we could have saved more.

Race day went great class1racing 1 car finished 6th and Marc Burnetts class 6 ranger finished 1st. No major problems for either car. Just a couple of flats.

(did I mention the course was very rocky)

high lights

1) good times with family and friends

2) watching the lead bike come through (hauling the mail)

3) watching as my son helped remove the cover from RGs TT at the start of the race.

4) taking 1st in class6

5) not one safety related issue and we had over 40 people, 2 race cars, 10 bikes, motorhome and 7 truck.

low lights

1) all the course changes (so basicaly make the corner at 12.2 and all the check points) bad bad deal.Sal missed the mark on the whole saving us money, what I spent prerunning 2 extra days would have paid for the tracker and then some. ( we still ran the tracker for our friends at home and sponsors)

2) having to come home

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