2007 WR, need bars higher

I know about the archives, been there done that. Most posts about bar height or risers refer to WR's older than mine that have a 7/8's bar. Mine are the factory PT 1 1/8 fat bars. I really don't want to change out my bars, is there a bar riser that will give an inch or more additional height? Link?


Those look good but wont they also bring the bars back closer to you? I always thought that when you used bar risers you also needed them a bit more forward.

Thanks for the link, super cheap too. At first, I thought it was only for 7/8 bars but when I clicked the size tab it shows the 1 1/8 size. Just an FYI for future lookers like me.:)

I felt the same as you, liked the stock bars and just wanted to try out some risers. I used these as well and have them on the 30mm height I believe. I'm 6' even and these are just about right for me. No problems with any of the cables, but I think I moved my levers inboard just a hair. I would like them maybe just a tad taller, but they already feel a little too tall when sitting down. Fortunately, Yamaha has already made sitting down on this bike not so fun anyway so no problem there!:)

The Tusk risers have worked pretty good for me. I did role the bars forward just a little to make it more comfortable on the wrist when standing. You can't beat the price.

I think I'll give'em a shot, especially for the price. I called the guys at Scotts today because a steering dampner is on my wish list. He said that I could also just go with the risers that are a part of the kit. That way, when I'm ready, all I have to do is buy the dampner and frame bracket.

I don't know, just a thought.

When I put the Scotts damper on, I also went with bars that were about 1/2 inch taller than stock. Makes riding standing up much more comfortable for me.


GYTR makes mounts that move the bar forward and up. 5mmx5mm GYT-2S275-20-00, I ordered them thru thumper talk. I had been using the rocky mountain stackable risers, they don't lock together so a hard drop will knock them crocked. and the adjustment range is limited by the bolt length. but it was a OK sanity check to see if I would like higher bars.

I wish the GYTR ones had been prettier but, they are solid.


This is what we are starting to use in Australia as no one else seems to be able to make such a simple riser for fat bars. I've got the 19mm ones on and love them. Well built solid unit that fits snug into the factory clamps.



Im using the Zeta 19mm on my '08 with windham bend Protapers. Im 5"11

Still using original cables, things still seem to be working ok at that height, not any major stretching that i can tell.

www.brpit.com, they can hook you up with whatever you need.

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