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Hey guys,

I am building my order here at TT to place ASAP to get inline for the fcr39 carb. I have a 07 DRZ SM. Riding elevation will range from sea level to say 1000ft, I'm in NH. I am also going to do the RS2 full pipe at the same time and also the 3x3 mod.

My shopping cart is as follows:

DRZ400 FCR-MX 39mm Conversion Kit

F/S RS2 SS/AL DRZ400S/M 00-08

I'm confused about mixture screw and/or other jets? If possible please let me know which ones and/or other parts you would recommend for these mods.


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About the AP spring, it says recommended for use with the adj. leak kit...still get even w/o purchase of the adj. leak kit?

Still not sure if I'll be ok with the jet sizes that come stock with the fcr?

Carb comes standard with the following:

- 200 Main Air Jet

- 160 Main Jet

- 45 Pilot Jet

- 100 Pliot Air Jet

- EMR or EMS Needle

My parts list below will be what I want for my upgrade, correct? (still in question the jets)

fcr39 carb

sr2 comp exh.

Merge fuel mix screw (also will take care of o-ring fix?)

AP spring

Thanks so much for you help!


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Get the spring (elminates the oring mod).

Get the fuel screw

Jetting included with the carb is for an open pipe. If you are going to run a stock muffler, also get a 155 main.

No idea what a sr2 comp exhaust is. Did you consider the SSW/MRD? Or if you have the bux, a Yosh Ti?

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Sorry it's RS2 Yosh pipe...not SR2. I did consider both those pipes and others, but read the RS2 seems to be consensus on the quieter of the bunch.

Sounds like the carb is pretty much good to go then! I'll search for the settings in a bit, but my #1 goal is to order all the parts I need and the correct ones : )! Currently, I have only placed my order for the carb yesterday to get in line (~2 weeks TT store says they should be getting them in).

Thanks for your help William!

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