importing canadian WR's

looking for info on how to import WR's into US, specifically people or dealers willing to sell me a bike and ship. Willing to pay everything. just looking to make a hookup. This is the best way to beat CA green sticker BS. Thanks

The duty charges might make it unrealistic.

Why can a Canadian model have a green sticker?

i have a can wr from 2000. it had no throtle stop on it when it came. also no grey wire. and a different pipe. the pipe was made so it had no removable baffle. it had one use and one only, putter. thats right, stock wr pipes make dam good golf equipment.


Go to for Canadians

Somebody had posted this site earlier. Click on "Buy Dirt Bikes". This might be what you are looking for.

I currently have a Canadian and the VIN does not carry the identifing digits in the 8th position so DMV registered as green sticker.

There are ways to avoid duty, if the bike is used, in other words, if someone sat on it there is no duty, I do not pay tax, only registration, and the bike is green stickerable!

I drove up to Richmond B.C. to get my '00 WR400. Bought it from Pacific Yamaha. They had the best prices of any other dealer in the area. I didn't pay any duty tax when I brought it back across the border. I don't know if there'd be anything different for having one shipped to you. I'm sure if you called them they'd be able to give you all the info. Ask for "Nick" (if he's still there). Good guy to deal with, and very knowledgable when it comes to selling bikes that are going to the USA. Good luck!

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