2009yz450f gas leaking from cap overflow tube

2009yz450f gas comes out of gas cap overflow tube when ridding checkvalve is working. i know other guys with same bike different year with same problem.

How much gas?

I have had the same problem too. 2009 yz450f for me.

Sometimes it does it sometimes it doesn't. You can hear the sucking noise from the hose. Also, at times there is dirt collecting on the top of the front fender from the gas running down the steering stem.

No idea why this is happening.

Why, do you think, would Yamaha put a hose on the cap and route it to a place where a small amount of gas would pose no problems if they did not expect a small amount of gas to come out through it? Depending on how much gas your seeing there, it's normal, and not a problem.

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