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Another Fork Oil Level Question

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I am going to service my forks this weekend. It's an '02 Yamaha WR 250f.

This is the first time I do it my self. I have always had a shop do it.

After reading so much on this forum, I feel that If I want to dial it in, I should be able to do the work my self, and start learning how this stuff works.

I have had it re sprung, but I don't know what the oil level is.

What would you guys start at? Minimum? In the middle?

I mostly ride desert, sand washes and whoops.

I'm a Vet beginner, I don't race.

Right now it seems really stiff.

Any input is appreciated:worthy:

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start with 140mm airchamber (min/max is 80/150) and add 10ml wise of you're bottoming bad,

Decend bottoming once/twice on the track is ok though

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