back firing and won't idle 02wr 426

So, i was riding today up to around 12000 ft with no problem. Came back down and went back up another pass and about 3/4 of the way I had to stop for a 4x4 and the bike seemed to load up and would not idle. So a pulled the Hot start and got it to start but was still running bad and finally died. So after kicking and kicking I just did the old ride it down hill and get it started that way. This worked but still will not Idle and seems to want to back fire slightly. I don't feel that it is jetting because I have been on this ride several times with no problem. Also I got home and Put in new Plug in and Still does the same thing. Any Ideas?????

Check the carb slide? Do a search on carb slide, there have been a few discussions on here about similar problems, some had cracked carb slides. Just a thought.

Could it just be dirt in the carb?

I would clean the carb and all jets thoroughly. Make sure and inspect the carb slide for cracks (don't put it back in upside down - it's easy to do).

Thanks for the info I will clean the carb and look for a crack in the slide plate to night.

Originally posted by comp182:

Thanks for the info I will clean the carb and look for a crack in the slide plate to night.

Make sure you check the air jets under the carb bell, if your pilot air gets obstructed the bike won't idle.

OK here is the deal I took the carb off looked at the slide plates and there is no crack. However I took the float cover off and noticed that there is NO Pilot Screw. I Guess I am to assume that the Dealer left it out or it never came from the factory with one???? And I know what you are thinking and no it was not in the cover or anywhere esle. So now my question is that I have 400 miles on this thing and it has never had a pilot screw in it. So is this my problem or is it something else????

It came with a pilot screw, just vibrated out is all. If you turn it 3 or more turns you run a good chance of it walking out. Better then to go up a size on the pj and one turn on the ps.

yep, your right it did fall out. Thanks for all your help. Well it looks like I have no excuse but to do the BK Mod now.

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