Riding My Wr 450 At Hwy Speeds

Im Going To Start Riding My 2006 Wr 450 To Work . If Anyone Has Had Any Problem At Hwy Speeds . The Bike Has Stock Gearing. Thanks

What is the speed limit around there? I thought that I remember some one saying that the trannys in these bikes cann't take highway speeds for very long.

Oh come on now, can't take highway speeds?

How many guys here have gone out and done some serious desert racing/flogging/fun? Let's see a show of hands!

Just what I thought. Lot's of you.

My point is, I ride mine to work on occasion and the only problem I've seen is oil coming up through the breather into the airbox. I do regular oil changes and I figure if the bike is good enough for Baja, the street shouldn't be a problem.

But, if you can show me reputable input that says the transmission isn't good enough, I'll retract my statement.

trailhead :)

What is the speed limit around there? I thought that I remember some one saying that the trannys in these bikes cann't take highway speeds for very long.

this is not true...my 06 had 13 thousand miles when sold it...it consisted of desert races/baja/and dual sporting.

There were days that the bike saw nothing but 5th gear and 50-90 mph:thumbsup:

with proper oil and filter changes these bikes can handle highway speeds :)

I run an 02 WR426 on the road, and I went up one tooth on the front... It pulls good on the road, and seems to handle the 15 mile ride out to my parents at 60Mph... I could jam a 16 tooth in there if I wanted, but have yet to find reason for it... I ride it mostly in town....:)

Probably need a damper to prevent any headshake at high speed.

I was riding my 03 over the weekend. It was nice having gear to run on the fireroads. I'm always taking it easy on my YZ450 when cruising on the fireroads. But it was nice to open it up and cruise at high speeds. The damper sure helped on the studder bumps.

For mostly bitumen riding , best to fit a rear cush drive hub.

best to fit a rear cush drive hub.

its not needed :)

Its tight, but I fit a 16t counter on mine. It really helped

An alternative to a cush hub is that You can put a YFZ clutch basket on it as long as you use the primary gear too I am told. I have one for sale .The clutch basket from the quad has damper springs in the big gear to absorb shock.

steering stabilizer not needed either. I ride an 07 YZ on the stret and freeway with no headshake at all - and I'm running 13mm offset triple clamps

I geared up to 15 tooth in the front. Still geared low, but first is totally usable in the dirt, and I get about 9 mph more top speed at the same rpm (79mph)

I would absolutely put on a cush hub if you plan on doing anything more than commuting: hooligan, hard down shifts, wheelies, long highway miles all put 400% more stress on the tranny because of all the traction. No, it's not as fragile as a Honda CRF tranny, but I would still do it. If you don't do it on the CRF's, and run extra oil in the tranny, the 3rd driven gear seizes on the shaft.

My 99 YZ400 is very stable at highway speeds. My 01 WR426 is not. I don't know why, but my WR needs a steering stabilizer. The best way to find out if yours needs one is to try going fast, but wear a helmet.

irun +1 front sprocket -2 rear, i love it!

I ran +1 on front and stock at the rear, bike runs to 89mph on the gps.

if I could go to a 16 upfront and keep the case saver that should help dropping 2-3 teeth at the back

Ultimately run a 15 front and 48 rear for rallye. I would go even lower at the back 44/5/6 for dual sporting when there are no huge dunes to climb.

WR is fine on the road. just dont keep it up at 70mph (stock gearing) the whole time.

I would also recomend a cush drive, i had a wr426 converted to supermoto and 5th gear broke in half on me, i was comuting 50 miles on the freeway a day, so i doubt that helped any.

I have about 30 000km (19 000mi) on my 06. She's my daily drive in summer and ice racing machine in winter. No problems yet although I will do a piston and rod kit soon to make sure it all stays together. I run 16-45 gearing ( with 17 inch supermoto wheels) and with that I can do a half hour on the highway no problem. Oil changes every second weekend and valve checks every second month. I've had to adjust valves twice btw.

If you don't do it on the CRF's, and run extra oil in the tranny, the 3rd driven gear seizes on the shaft.

I can vouch for that.

Running a stocker 05 I think 14-40 something. Just did 700 miles in three days about equally split dirt, rocks, pavement in Death Valley. About 80-100miles of pavement every day. I could cruise comfortably at 50mph without revving too hard. 55mph was max cruising speed, and then I could notice the engine revs. Top speed in dirt was consitently 88.1mph on Saline Valley Rd, 88.4 on West Side Rd/Badwater, and 87.4 running down the ditch coming back from Badwater. On pavement it hit the limiter every time at 95.0. It would start to shake pretty good around 80-85 on the dirt, but was perfectly still on pavement. I personally would not rev my bike that hard again for 80-100 miles of pavement in a day. Guys riding with commented on how tight it was wound at 55-60. Going up one in the front ASAP. I used more then half a Maxxis Dessert ITin three days.

You guys in Nevada can have the 2006 wr450 street leagal easily in your state>? I want to do it too. What did you do to get it plated there? Am here in California right now.


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