WR450 Throttle Stop

Are there any negative effects from cutting the throttle stop screw too short? I cut way more than 11MM off of mine.

Also, found a neat way to get a little more air in the airbox. The black cover on the right side of the airbox can be removed by drilling out two rivits. Once it is off drill several 1 inch holes in the air box. You enduro guys might not want to do this because the chance of getting more crud in the airbox but for a dual sporter like me it might help.

The only possibility that I know of is it might let the slide come up so high that it will get stuck, I don't know if that has really happened to anyone though.

The other negative possiblility I heard of is overreving the motor.

The TPS may send inaccurate info to the brain

Mine is too short, and it does not get stuck. I have not had a chance to ride, except for the driveway so I don't know about other problems as others have stated here. I have heard the same storys though.

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