Riding On The Hwy

I Have A 2006 Wr450 Can Anyone Tell If They Have Had Any Prolbems Riding On The Hwy At Hwy Speeds For A Long Time. The Bike Has Stock Gearing. Thanks

i run 15 42 gearing. with 17s i can do top speed around 100mph. i can do 55mph at like 6000rpm.

I believe that your 2006 WR has stock gearing of 14/50. Yamaha changed the transmission ratio's & stock gearing on the 2007's to 13/50.

No problems riding the highways for me. On my 2007 WR450 I run 14/50 gearing for dual sport riding and 14/45 with 17" SuperMOTO wheels. Top speed is just under 100mph and cruises nice at around 60mph.

Get a steering stabilizer to get rid of the highspeed wandering/twitch.

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