Attention NJ riders

Just in case ya didn't know, Raceway Park in Old Bridge, NJ will re-open it's practice tracks on February 28, 2003...WEATHER permitting!


Please post again to confirm if they will be open. I need to ride soon.

I bet that RC51 is a blast. I gota gixxer 1000.

Nothing beats a 4th gear wheelie at 130 mph. :)

They still are scheduled to open on the 28th but the cold weather and pending SNOW that were gonna get on Thursday looks to keep it closed for another week.

Oh well...looks like a few more weeks till we can ride. :) You can call Raceway Park at 732-446-6331.

BTW - Good luck with the bud has the 1000 and as soon as it gets warm, I'm gonna try it out. Would like to see the diff between my 750 and RC.


BTW - Are you on

It dosn't snow in New Jersey does it?

Nah...It don't snow here...its just all that sugar sand. :)

No Im not on I'll check it out .

If you want, I'll ride theRC for you. :) so you can compare.

Thanks for the number.

>>No Im not on I'll check it out .

If you want, I'll ride theRC for you. so you can compare.

Thanks for the number.<<

If I knew ya and you had the money to buy the bike I would have no problem. All of my close friends have taken my bikes out for a spin. Sometimes with less than 100mi on them. My friend with the 1000 does NOT even want to ride it since it would cost a nice chunk of change to rebuild. Them Ohlin forks and shock add a nice amount to the bill ya know.

On the other hand, I really could care less about the 2000's more of a disposable bike to me vs. the RC.


BTW - Aside from the "squids" there is a good group of guys from NY, NJ & CT who do a bunch of rides during the season up to Harriman and the surrounding area.

I just moved here from Fla so I don't know where everybody goes around here, But maybe when it warms up I'll hunt you down and we'll go riding. If I still have my gixxer that is.I have it in the trader.

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