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WRR forks

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I took my forks apart the other day and changed the oil. I was told at the Yamaha shop in Anchorage that S1 was a better choice then 01 for the fork oil. I decided to give it a try.


While studying the difference in forks between my WRR, WRF, and WR250 2t I noticed that the other two bikes had what they called an alternate suspension. The WRF has different springs available, the WR 2t has shims available to increase spring preload. The shims are also available for the WRF but the springs may be a better choice. I decided to make some preload shims for the WRR out of stainless steel. I used the lathe cut them the right size and made them .15" thick. Here are some pictures of what I did.


Here they are laid out on the bench.


Here is a close up of the shim, spring retainer and the fork cap.


Here is the assembled view.

I took it out Sunday and gave it a beating. The forks used to dive when I let off the throttle. When I first bought this bike I almost went over the bars several times when standing up due to the dive. I can say it feels like my WRF now when I am standing and let off the throttle. I hit some whoops with it and the forks felt good. Between the oil and the shims I think it changed it to where it should be. It was only 20 degrees so the oil may be the same as a warm day, but for now I'm happy.:)

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Nicely done!!:) Have you farted around with the rear shock at all?

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Buggars removed the pics....:) Damned Photobucket...

Well it was completely apart and re shimmed. The shock is pretty close to where it should be.

Photos are on a dead laptop, so can't help much there.

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