Stock 2001 WR-426 Spark arrester?

I have three questions.

1. Have any of you guys converted from the stock 2001 WR-426 spark arrester to a more free flowing exhaust? If so... What kind of jetting changes were made.

2. I want to change my "YZ" over to the stock "WR" spark arrester and I figure I can make the opposite jetting changes to get close where it needs to be... Right?

3. Does any body have the stock spark arrester form there 2001 WR that they would be willing to trade for the stock 2001 YZ silencer?

I have pictures and diagram of changes to the stock 01WR426 muffler - to make it more freeflowing.

PM your email address and I will forward them.


give me your address I have an 01 stock exhaust for a wr 426 put a fmf powercore on it give me a ring

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