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Supertrapp for XR600r

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Good pipe, just as good as a lot of the over priced, glorified glass packs out there. Tunable, compact are +'s. Just like the other "race" pipes out there, they can be decible demons. I doubt they would be below some legal limits unless they had 6 or less disc, but they don't help much with that few of disc.

One is on my XL600R. I like the way it sounds, but with 12 disc it makes a lot of noise in the concrete jungle, reverb and all. I don't think its too loud for that kind of riding, but I prefer some stealth from time to time. Like said, just about any of the current "race" pipes are gonna be noisy, so why pay more for the same.

I installed a IDS2 Supertrapp(quiet core) on my XR650L, with all the disc it came with, I think 12. It is very queit, compared to my stock muffler with the baffle removed. There is a racing core available for the IDS2 also. It will allow a higher db, but should'nt be as loud as the racing series Supertrapps are.

The one other reason I went with the IDS2 is there is no chance of a discolored or melted fender because the disc are inside the can, and exit directly out the end, not the sides. Also a very compact muffler.

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