One more queston on the grey wire

I know its been mentioned but I can't find it. I finally took the tank off, I found a connecter with three wires a yellow, a black, and a blue with some grey paint on it, I assume that is the "grey" wire. I want to be sure before I go disconnecting things.

Here is where i found it under the tank. PIC .I used a small punch to pull the wire out.Good luck

The wire you are looking for is all grey without any other color, it should be just under the tank behind the CDI unit. The grey wire actually comes from the unit and is the only one in the electrical system. It will be among a group of wires (6 I believe) and can accessed via the conncector under the tank. hope this helps

Thanks you guys, I was looking at the wrong one. Great picture Blue One, I wish I knew how to do that.

I just did mine. It a solid grey wire. Some times in production the connectors get shifted to the right or left side of the frame.

Can anybody explain exactly what the grey wire mod. does? Will it help my bog and hesitation?

03 WR450FR-picked up on 2/3/03 6 miles and no key problems but runs like crap :).

From the picture you posted, is it the middle grey wire below the blue one? Everyone mentions cutting the greywire, can't you just pull it from the connector. And like the guy before me, why is it on the bike and what does it do before and after the cut?

The Gray wire is a ground that retards the timing on higher RPM's. If you do the throttle stop, air box lid and remove the baffle this mod works well. Gray wire will not get rid of the bog, thats the BK mod. Check this site.

Its for the 250 but its all the same info.

Everyone mentions cutting the greywire, can't you just pull it from the connector.

It's easy to pull the pin out of the connector. I did that in case I chose the wrong wire. Depress the tab with a small screwdriver and pull.

doesnt the grey wire retard the timeing?isnt that what you want for trail rideing?mine has over 200 miles and works perfect on the trails. could it be any better by it unplugged?

hi sjw,

I don't know if cutting the grey wire does that much on anything post 2001. Some say they can feel the improvement. I on the other hand had a great running bike prior to mod and a great running bike after mod. In other words, I couldn't tell any difference.


Yea !!Thats me. I couldn't tell much difference either.But, saying "I cut the grey wire" somehow sounds cool. :)

I agree with F6dood. Great runnin bike before and after and couldnt tell any difference after unpluggin the greywire. Tim


Took a good look at your 03' WR450 pic and I have some questions for mods on my own 03' WR450. They are: 1.) What is the function of the wiring running down to the bottom of the license plate, is that a Baja Designs plate frame ? 2.) what is the function of the white plastic brace on the front fender, does it prevent fender bag scratches, who makes it ? and 3.) where did you get that nifty map case for the front number plate, and who embossed your race numbers on that bag ? Good looking bike Jim. Love my WR450 too.

Hey HighplainsWR,

Your at altitude. Have you done a rejet yet on your WR450? Im not as high as you, but mine's a little soft at low rpms.

trying to find someone who lives near,sounds like you live close.I live in fresno.with a Q series muffler & snorkel out what would be the correct jetting?4 to 5000 ft trail rideing.

HighPlains WR

The wires to the license plate go to 2 Litn bolts. They are license plate bolts that have a small replaceable bulb in them. Since the stock tailight doesn't have a plate light and there wasn't really much room for a standard type thats what I went with. The plate holder is a Baja unit that I cut it down to the vertical width of our Michigan license plate. I had it that way on my 426 and never got any hassle. The 450 is hard to do a real nice light/plate set up. I am looking for other ways. The number plate bag is called a glove box. Again I had one on the 426 and it was very handy. I think it came from Baja or A H Machlaughin (sp). The numbers are regular side plate #'s. You can put a clear over them it you want more protection. The front fender item is a fender brace. I don't use it for that specifically. I fill up a small camera bag with tools, and lay it on the brace and slide the bag way back up against the bottom of the number plate. Then I put 2 cheap nylon dog collars under the fender brace, and burn new holes in them so the collars hold the tool bag in place tightly. Then I cut off the ends of the collars and burn them so they don't fray.

Georgia. The WR450 now has a 40 pilot, 155 main, 1 3/8 out on fuel screw and the needle clip in the 3rd position. The pilot is still a bit lean so I'm going up one on that spec. I operate at 6,000-10,000 feet so a whole bunch of compromise was needed on the settings. I get a little stumble just off idle (6,000 ft), but when I ride the high country this summer the pilot should richen up. By the way, I replaced the woodruff key, and used lock-tite on a new shaft nut and torqued to 47 pounds - just in case.

Jim. Way cool. I'm going to plagiarize your map holder, I spend too much time fishing in my backpack for directions. I bolted the plate to the WR450 fender using a 98' KLR250 plate mount bracket. Simple, yes, Crude, maybe. But in remote Colorado, a plate mounted on your keister will pass most county inspections. Thanks for the info on your bike. Ride on, brother.

What is wrong with my wiring?

After seeing that pic of the grey wire in that grey connector, I checked mine out. (I know, all this time and I just now got around to it... :))

Mine, a '99WR, is different. If I follow the wire bundle coming out of the CDI box, it quickly splits into 3 separate bundles with connectors. Here is what I see:

The grey 6-wire connector (the one shown in that pic) has: Orange, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue, even Darker Blue w/black tracer, and Yellow.

The black 6-wire connector has: Light Green, White, Red, Brown, Pink, Dark Grey (very dark, thought it was kinda faded purple or black at first, maybe it is)

The black 2-wire connector has: Black w/white tracer, and a definite, plain-old GREY ! :D

I cleaned them with a shot of carb cleaner to be sure, and that's what I have..???? Is it possible or likely that my grey wire is not in either 6-wire bundle, but alone with that black/white wire?

I truly don't know what, if anything, to disconnect. I always thought this would be the easiest free mod.

Any ideas? :D

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