One more queston on the grey wire

The PIC was showing a 03 wr450.They may have changed the wire colors.


You are correct about the grey wire being in alone in the black connector with the black/white wire.

From what I can see there are a few different methods Yamaha used for the harness. I saw a picture of our exact set up on this website : (click on each pic to expand)

Hope this helps,


That's a big relief, Fryboy! Thanks! Until I actually looked, I had no idea there were that many wires coming out of that little black box. Then I was wondering "Did age discolor it?" or "Has age made me color blind?" :D

I have been slowly finding various goodies for this bike for a year now, just waiting for this DOT thing to resolve. I decided not to wait anymore and will be doing the grey wire, 450 cam, jetting, exhaust, Jamesnow! along with painting my frame and putting on the new plastics,YZ tank and seat, skid plate, alum subframe and frame guards. All in one (more) teardown.

It will be my substitute for a WR450. :)

"has age made me color blind" LOL !!!! That is funny chaindrive. I thought the same thing for a second. One wire from 6 pin black connector looked grey but actually more light brown to me. Then I came across the garlic website and was glad I was unable to get the light brown wire out or I woulda screwed up.


HI i just cut the grey wire on my 03 wr450 and put the tank and stuff back on and now it won't run. I'm really sure i cut the right one!.... HELP I need advice on what to do in order to get it up and running again? :D Any helpfull suggestions are welcome.. :) THanks!

Reconnect the gray wire and make sure it starts. Then disconnect it and while the engine is still warm try to restart it. If it wont start you have something else diconnected or cut the wrong wire. :)

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