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DRZ UK - How much do you value...

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Hey guys, given the current economic crisis and the difference in dollar/euro to pound sterling, importing things from the US and other parts is working out quite expensive. Even buying things from the TT shop is not working out for me.

I was and am still planning a long distance summer trip and am currently preping my bike for said event.


Anyhow to the point of this thread. I'm currently looking at things on eBay that are local and wondering how much you guys think such things are worth given the fact that they're either used or of questionable reputation.

I own an '06 SM and want to put dirt wheels (which I already have) on it, bigger tank, a comfy seat and a luggage system. Additionally: speedo since the wheels are different diametres, a skid pan for those gravelly roads, and probably a locking fuel cap since I don't fancy losing a tank of fuel or my bike to some miscreate with a pyro-habit.

So here's some of the things I'm looking for and wonder what people value them as:

  1. Fuel Tank DRZ 400 S/SM long range plastic tank - £150?? I'm thinking of bidding upto this amount... I hear Clarke caps are shit... maybe worth less than that?
  2. DRZ 400 E Speedo Drive Eliminator 316 - BilletRaceCraft - Look any good? worth shipping from Aus? (The wheels I have don't have the speedo drive, and I'm probably going for something aftermarket with it's own measuring device.)

This week there's not many auctions on desirables but the idea of this thread is for anyone in the UK to post and allow others to comment on whether it's worth 2p or not.


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