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First vid with Go Pro Hero

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couple of thoughts:

1. It's fantastic!!! especially in HD thru Youtube. Nice job!!

2. It must be the way the camera is setup, because in your vid and others for the first 30 seconds it seems like u r doing a wheelie and I am amazed. Then I realize it's an illusion.

3. Could certianly do without the music. I am a huge proponet of letting the bike make the music - or keep the music very vanilla and keep it lower than the sound of the bike. Adding your music can and will turn people off to your video and take away from the great work you captured.

4. That area seems very cool - I assume it's in KY. Looks like lots of trails and intersecting trails.

5. Keep it up!! lets see some more.

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Looks good, where abouts in Kentucky are you riding?

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