wr450F new clutch lever/perch

I have just recently bought an aftermarket clutch/perch assembly for my 06 wr450f. The new lever doesnt have the hole for the sensor that stops you from starting it in gear without the clutch pulled in.

I disconnected the wire from behind the headlight but it wont start now unless its in neutral. What have peole done to overcome this problem so they can still start the bike in gear?

Can I just simply splice the two wires together to close the circuit. I dont want to do this and it not work because I will be up for a new sensor that I no longer need.

Surely some people have replaced the OEM for an aftermarket one.

When I put a hydraulic clutch on my WR250 I connected the wires to another kill switch button i put on the clutch side. Now just press both buttons together and problem solved..

Surely some people have replaced the OEM for an aftermarket one.

you know where you unplug that wire (from behind the headlight) you need to jump those two wires and then you will be able to start the bike while in gear with the clutch pulled in :)

Thanks for the reply's.

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