07 yz450 melted air box ?

I bought this bike a month ago,I was cleaning the in side of the air box and found a triangle shaped hole melted in it.size maybe 1x1 1/2,I assume the stock exhaust is quieter for 07 then before,and trapping more heat if that makes scene.I bought some silver faced heat tape from a bike store and put on the out side of the air box where its close to the pipe.Is this normal,this bike might have 10 to 15 hours on it.I still haven't rode it yet,but the track I like to ride is opening on the 29th.

Do you make a habit of allowing the bike to idle for periods longer than 45 seconds? If so, the melting is not outside the range of normal behavior.

no I don't let it idle for very long,I found the hole after I bought it.I know these bike get very hot if your not moving.I was just wondering if others have found the same problem.

yeah my bike did the same thing. i let it idle on the stand for like a few minutes cause it was in december and a foot of snow so i couldnt ride.

but my airbox melted all down the side of the pipe. i had to cut out the whole bottom of my air box and remold a new piece of plastic there...

it turned out pretty good. saved me from spending $200 on a new box

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