Has anybody tried EVS web knee braces?

Looking for a set of good knee braces but want to hear what others have to say about them before laying down $618 for a set. Bobs cycle & snowmobile has them for $309 apiece, Does that sound like a good price? Mike

One of the magazines, Dirt Rider I think, just had an article on the Web braces. After reading it I would still get the Asterisks that I have now. The Webs are not as comfortable.

I used the prev model EVS (not web knee)and they moved when riding, I bought the asterisks and they are way more comfortable, you set them once and they will always fit the same way plus they offer free lifetime replacement parts. paid $525+ tax.

No, go with the Asterisk. I hade the EVS and sold them after 2 rides

I'm jumping the fence here,but talk to your doctor.I got a pair of CTI braces,with insurance,for $100.I'm sure other brands will be covered if you dont like CTI.I love mine though. :)

go with the cti, custom fit if you can aford it or get your insurance to pay for it as i did.

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