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640 SM to DS?

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A.D.D. viewers, stick it out and help me! :banghead:

Will the KTM be right for me or am I better off sticking with a slower DRZ400S? Read on and help me narrow my choices down please. I understand from the get-go i will probably get some biased opinions seeing as how I posted this in the Katoom specific section but here I go....

Some what new on this forum as I've been lurking trying to read up as much as I can on dual sports here. Originally I was in the quest for a SM bike but now i'm leaning more towards a dual purpose bike. I had my heart set on something like a DRZ400S since its said to be very reliable and easy on maintenance schedules. But it lacks power and its heavy is what I continue to read.

I've had my bike (VTR1000 Super Hawk) posted for sale/trade for a while now on several sites and have had some interest but usually ends up being a flaker-deal. One of the guys I contacted about a month ago has gotten back with me and he has a clean looking 2001 KTM 640 SM for sale that he said he would possibly consider trading straight up. I've read countless pages about the 640 vibes and all that. I don't think the vibes wil be a big deal for me as I ride a 90* vtwin, or could I be wrong in that assumption?

What all is needed to convert the SM to DS? Just tires or is there more involved? Did KTM even make a SM in 2001 or was it a DS from the get-go and the PO converted it to SM use (I did a google search and it kept pointing me to the 2001 640 Enduro model)? If this is a SM model, is it more trouble than its worth to make it dirt worthy. I plan to commute at times to my work (42 miles away) but mainly stick to the roads by my house and hit up some trails and do a little bit of woods riding. Nothing racey or MX style. Just jeep trails, FS roads, light commute duty, etc. I'm not a weekend warrior mechanic and don't want to be. Is maintenance a real PITA on this bike (I've read oil changes can be a b*$#@?

Bare with me I am VERY wet behind the ears in terms of anything KTM so if some of these questions sound pretty stupid :banghead: , I apoligize in advance :) .

I have read the older LC4 needs a little bit of attention to wake it up. The PO told me he has handled those mods. Here is the mod list and details for this bike I'm looking at:

Tagged 2001 KTM LC4 640 SM. This bike was a purposely built SM by KTM. It is not a coverted LC4 Enduro. Bike is extremely clean and has been maintained meticulously. Electric and kick start. Mileage is somewhere

around 6000. Full Titanium Akrapovic with Carbon can. Full White Power suspension, Forks have been rebuilt/revalved with .50 Race Tech springs.

Custom built sliders to accept spooled stands. BST carb mods made. Renthal Fat bars with Enduro Tech bark busters. Extra set of Pirelli Rains

included. Less than 250 miles on fresh set of Avon Distanzia's. Have a few other spares to be included.


Should I bite and go get this thing?

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