How much for 08 YZ450 in CA

My buddy is looking to get a bike!!! where are the deals at???

He got a quote from Mission Motorsports for a KTM 450 or 250 SX but KTM wanted 21.99% interest on the loan:foul:

So he got a call back on a 08 YZ 450F for $6000 OTD and 12.9%

North County Yamaha


Valli Motorsports was selling there 08 YZF450's and 250f's a couple weeks ago. Switched to Honda this year with Bobby Bonds. They had advertised the 250f's but not the 450's. I can't find their contact info but they are in a lot of MX news. The price my buddy was quoted was $3500 and there was 10-20 hours on the bikes. If you could find contact info you may get a WORCS prepped bike for cheap. All the plastics were changed to new with new graphics.

san jose yamaha has an 08 left over and itll probably run around 6K otd and youll get 8.99 if your credit is good.....

I just paid 4800 OUT THE DOOR for my 08. that was two weeks ago. Check out OTD cyclesports, and don't take no for an answer.

Man are we getting screwed up here,I realize the dollar difference but $8000+

Man are we getting screwed up here,I realize the dollar difference but $8000+

Yes, yes we are. As far as I can tell the only dealer worth a damn in western Canada is Blackfoot in Calgary. I was ready to pay $7200/5,839.85 USD, or close to it, dealer wanted $8200/6,650 USD, and thats with Yamaha days on a '08, plus maybe buying a tt50 for my kid. He gave the impression he would'nt budge on much so screw him. Someone on here mentioned you have to find a high volume dealer, and I agree.

I've personally given up looking, I'll nurse an old 2t this year. And when its time to buy I'll drive 1000 miles and break even or buy mint used so I don't pay all the taxes and fee's. The dealers in BC seem to think the economies pain dosen't apply to them, they can starve for all I care. I have a little shop I buy my parts at, and thats it. I hope the people in this province start voting with there wallets more.:)

We have a high volume dealer close to where I'm at and they have had insanely low prices in the past. In July 06, I got an 06 RMZ450 for 5300OTD. No one locally could touch that nor did they believe it was real. One dealer even did the math to show me that they would lose money if they sold it at that price. Last time I checked they did not carry Yamaha though.

We went to a large dealer Mission Motorsports carries all brands except Suzuki and they had more 08 then 09's and they wanted avg. 6500 for the 250F and 450F. The KTM 450 was $200 cheaper then the 250....

What was funning thing, the Sales guy was reading a mag and never talked to us, good way to sell bikes...

And the 21.99% from KTM's bank was a joke, it was going to cost him $5500 in interest, that's a 12,500.00 KTM what a deal

I got my used Blackfoot team practice 08 450 for 6000 CDN. It looks new and has 2K worth of mods. I pulled the tank to do the breather mod and all the hoses, cables, castings etc look like brand new. I wonder if it ever went through a puddle ! Only marks are on swingarm.

With Blackfoot play hard, they will budge. I got them to drop a certain fee down that they said was made in stone. It wasn't much but it was brought down to the same amount as my local shops would have charged. They show a good advertised price on units but have higher fees - well not if you push them.

2 friends of mine just got NEW 08 450F white LE for $5500 OTD. Check LA Yamaha on Lincoln blvd in Marina del Ray

got my 08 450 about 2 months ago, 5250 otd, east bay motosports

a friend got a 250f same time for 4900 @ otd burlingame

(bay area)

$5000~$6000 Montclair Yamaha

2009 450's for $5500 + tax, etc in WI

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