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Choke and exhaust question

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More advice required please

2003 DRZ400 E,should I be able to push the choke in gradually as it says in the clymer manual,mine feels to have a definate click on or off.

How long should it take before the bike will tick over and run without choke,again clymer says 30 secs,mine is a good few minutes

My bike has the louder than hell exhaust on it which is causing the neighbours some concern especially as it takes forever to warm up,I have the option of the rear section from a later SM model,is this viable

Thanks for all the help so far,this is my first off road bike in 30 years of riding and Im loving it ,more smiles per mile than anything I have ever ridden but Im one of lifes worriers,every day I hear a noise that Im sure wasnt there the day before

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Once again, Clymer is wrong. I personally do not trust them for anything specific. You have a FCR, it has only two positions, on or off. The S and SM have the Mikuni carb (as well as some late model "EPA'd" E models, these have a third position-part choke.

The SM muffler will be quieter but will not fit unless you have the joint on the muffler expanded as I did in my thread on E Headpipe used with S/SM muffler

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