YZ Seat/Tank Combo

Anyone know who would be the most reasonable vendor to purchase the YZ Seat and Tank from?

I have had it with the weight and poor handling with the Stock ones after spending time on my YZ.


Bonzai :)


I have ordered a bunch of stuff from David at AtomTours in Colorado. He can get dang near everything at a discount rate, and it gets to where it is going in a hurry. I ordered an 4.3 gal IMS fora buddies KTM, and we got it for about 30 bucks cheaper than anywhere else we could find it. Give him a call at 1.888.403.3444 and tell him Brandon sent ya!

You will not be disappointed.


PS: I now have the short SealSavers on my bike, and that was a great recommendation. Thanks!


Be a Hero!!

Order a stock YZ tank and SDG(?) seat combo from Clarke,


BUT get it in Yellow.

Add the Hurricane Kit and your bike would be SUPERB!!

I really wanted to go that route, but a few months back, I ordered a One Industries tank/seat kit from Brockton that is Blue >> I cannot validate dumping all of this for my Yellow Clarke setup... :)

I have very seriously thought about selling my entire IMS seat (w/ brandy new, virgin One Industries cover, entire YZF tank w/ shrouds AND my yet uninstalled tank/shroud/airbox sticker kit to get my beloved Yellow YZ back... :D

I raced my yellow YZ's back in 1978 > 1983! :D

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