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Nora - Action Alert! - Tellico

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Hello Fellow Off-Roaders,

My name is Pearse Umlauf, Vice President of Jeep Jamboree USA (JJUSA) and founder of the newly launched National Off-Road Association (NORA). I’ve been involved in the off-road industry for the past 12 years and have had the opportunity to off-road on some of the most scenic and challenging trails in America. These trails however are coming under increased attacks by groups that would like to see them closed to all future off-highway vehicle (OHV) usage.

Most recently the United States Forest Service (USFS) has asked for public comments on one of the most famous trail systems in America – Tellico in North Carolina. We’re encouraging all off-road enthusiasts to Take Action by sending a letter to the local ranger in charge of Tellico, requesting that the Tellico trail system remain open to all OHV users. Taking Action on the NORA web site only takes about 30 seconds. We write the letter for you…all we ask is that you “sign it” and “send it”. Please click on the following link to Take Action - http://www.nora-usa.com/takeaction/index.cfm

The deadline to submit public comment is March 27, 2009! Please Take Action Now!

I would also recommend anyone reading this post to sign-up for NORA’s free eNewsletter, by visiting www.nora-usa.com. Please note: Taking Action on important land access issues, through the NORA web site is completely free. “Strength In Numbers” is the only way the off-road community will have an opportunity to keep trails like Tellico open.

The businesses in/around the Tellico area our counting on us to help save their last remaining economic resource.

If anyone has questions regarding this post or about the Tellico land issue, please feel free to call me at (530) 333-1487, ext. 3 or send me an email to: pearse@nora-usa.com

NOTE TO ADMINISTRATOR: I know this post might be in the incorrect forum, however trails like Tellico are the backbone of this community. If we lose our trails we will lose the ability to chat in “general discussion” forums like yours. If the tactics being used to close trails in the Tellico OHV area are successful, they will be repeated throughout trails systems across the country. Therefore we would like to have as many individuals Take Action on this issue as possible. Please keep post in General Discussion until March 28 (until public comment period is no longer available).

Kind regards,

Pearse Umlauf


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