60 Minutes 2 motocross show to air 2/26/03

60 Minutes 2 motocross show to air 2/26/03


Racer X got a call from CBS 60 Minutes 2 producer Chris Martin to let us know that the popular news program's highly anticipated feature on motocross and supercross will air on Wednesday night, February 26, at 9:00 p.m. (EST). According to Martin, it's "motocross at the 100 level," an introduction to "a cultural phenomenon." Some of the industry people appearing will include multi-time champions Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, and Rick Johnson, FMX hero Kenny Bartram, and Ken Faught, the editor of Dirt Rider magazine. Check your local listings for more.


I hadnt heard anything about it...

thanks for the heads up.

you da man.

thanx bro

Don't expect this to be a all positive report from these folks. These are the same guys attaching flares to the outside the frame rails fuel tanks on Chevy trucks before running the 'crash test' for the cameras.

They will end up saying something way off base and p***ing off everybody.

Remember this is 'infotainment' and not news reporting.

Ya, your probably right.

They could make mother theresa look like jacko.

Zaknavage, my sentiments exactly.

you got that right! if 60min is on it, there's got to be some controversey. I hear that it will focus on the explosive popularity of sx and freestyle and the subsequent rise in injuries to children drawn to the sport.

I missed the show. But apparently Davy Combs spent a lot of time with these folks. He pretty much changed there mind on what motocross was all about.

I think they were going to try to do a "slam" story. But davy invited them to a track to watch practice. The film crew were amazed at the level of talent, skill, and phisical ability it tool to do that.

Hopefully the show reflected that.

Oops its next wednsday isn't it. I thought it was last wed. Its early. Im not awake yet. :)

LOL YZman400

Not even awake and already thinking about Thumpertalk huh? You must be addicted too!


Reading RacerX, it sounds like the show will be postponed. CBS plans to report on the recent nightclub tragedies.

I for one will check it out if its on positive or negative just to see what’s up.

Cancelled for the Sodamninsane interview. Crap.

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