Letter to Moredesert.

Anyone know who sent a threating e-mail to Mike (moredesert)? Something about him being a California dumbass. Any info please e-mail me directly to keep the BS off this forum. KEITHSERPA@AOL.COM :)

Sorry to hear about the e-mail. :D I've always felt there was a mature bunch of bros on this forum and that's what makes it such a good source of info and enlightenment. I hope this is just a rare occurrence and the POS-author of that e-mail goes back to the peewee forum where they trade shots like that. Leave the 600/650 forum to us older and wiser dudes.

Hey MoreDesert, don't let it bug ya! I always enjoyed reading your post and hope to some day link up and ride with you. Probably just some PETA/Bunny-Hugger/Save-Iraq/trans-sexual who's just jealous cause MoreDesert gets to go to Baja, ride sweep, and drink Pacifico every night!! :)

save iraq???

I haven't heard back from the "gentleman", probably won't. I ride the Pinenuts almost every weekend, if this cowboy wants to come out and talk about it. I ride an 02' 520 EXC with an MCX tank, no graphics, that looks like it never been washed. Let's hook up. KEITHSERPA@AOL.COM

When was this? :) Too bad, probably some kid with nothing better to do. :D

The gentleman has e-mailed Mike an apology, he just got a little hot about the paint on a certain loop. It happens. We all get a little testy sometimes, dirtbikers should stay on the same team. :)

Also, if anyone has an idea, on how to mark a trail without paint or race ribbon, let us know. The ribbon ends up everywhere, the paint seems to wash away, but there might be another solution. :)

Thanks guys, I guess you have to watch what you say on these posts. You can't please everyone all the time. If I were giving away free money someone would get pissed if they were the only one not getting it. I had to remove my e-mail address from my posts because of this kind of thing. I enjoy helping out when I can and telling all for you to read. Thats what this forum is all about. I'm not perfict but who is.


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