looking at a 01yz426

hey guys im looking at a 2001 yz426. Owner claims to be the second owner. supposedly runs great starts on 1st kick. Plastics are a little ruff, but he wants 1500. any advice? this there anything to look for when cheacking the bike? The whole ti valves kinda make me nervous.Do they have a short lifespan? are they expesive to replace? can i replace them with steel valves in the future.Im not affraid of oil changes after every ride. or air cleaners maybe even a valves adjustment more offten, but i dont want a 2stroke rebuild sceduale. Im not planning on getting rid of my plated xr600 and im not a motocrosser but i do like the idea of having a tight woods machine.is this a good idea, or am i buying a boat. as in someone thing that im just gonna have to throw money at just to keep it floating? keep in mind im used to my brp.

thanks guys if it wasnt for thumper talk i dont know what i would do:worthy:

If maintained well, most likely topend and valves are not going to be a problem. Steel are more durable, but I haven't heard much of a problem with the titanium valves as long as its well maintained.

You will probably need to replace timing chain and make sure valves are adjusted. While your at it, an extra $130 or so will get you the hotcams exhaust cam with auto decompression.

You also would need a spark arrestor endcap/exhaust for public land.

It will be much lighter handling than your XR, but not as light handling as a newer aluminum frame 450 due to geometry and lower center of gravity on the aluminum frames.

I would say 1600-1900 is about what a yz426 goes for around here. 1500 sounds like a pretty good deal, maybe because it has cosmetic issues? You could probably get it for alittle less if that's what he's asking. I paid 1800 recently, but its all stock and very clean.

look here: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=750866

hope this helps.

I picked up my 02 426 last month for $1500. It needed some TLC but nothing major. Just did new chain, sprockets, fork seals, bushings, and changed all the fluids. Bike runs great, starts right up.

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