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Stock 09 450 silencer vs fmf

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I received fmf slipon in the ktm promo kit for my 2009 450exc. The fmf without the screen in it is way too loud. Is the stock slipon cut open near as loud? Is there noticable power increases with the fmf? I want all the power, but dont need the noise.. Thanks.

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The stock (uncorked) muffler is a very good unit.

Very little performance gain for the money but yours is FREE.

I understand you issue with noise. I never have cared for loud bikes.

When the restrictor is cut out, it should be like any other EXC muffler pre 06.

My stock 02 (never repacked) with a 45 turn down tip on it blows around 95 dbs.

If you don't want to modifiy your stock muffler, you could find a used EXC muffler.

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