rear shock question

What is up guys. i just recently noticed my rear shock not coming back to where it would when i get off of it. I have to lift the back end up. Then it goes back down. same on the trail while riding. Then about 30 minutes later it starts working like it was supposed to. i have no leakes that i know of. Do i need to get it rebuilt or just recharged? thanks guys.


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Bonzai :D

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Sorry if you look at my post I sent a url regarding resetting your suspension.

If you have lost. great thats more to read the post I set. Congrats on the wieght loss I meant no disrespect.

Geez you guys in spud land are so sensitive :)

The explaination you give sounds as though its free sag your questioning.

If the bike is not responding when you get off of it, there wil alwas be about 20 - 25 mm of free sag. Free sag is the weight of the bike settling in. It is a common thing if you have set the suspension up for your heavier wieght, now that you have lost it, then the sag and free sag can be set to accomidate you new wieght.

PLease read the URL there is a lot of info there.

It could also mean that the Shock is in dire need of rebuild....

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i have some skin. alot of it. You should just be nicer. I could win the lottery you know and then you will want a new bike from me. So BE NICE lol.

Chris Buddy!

Big Guys make the best riders. Those Hendrix boys will confrim :) I myself, belong to the over 200 lb club. Hope you get your shock sorted out. Peace

Check all your linkages and bearings. I have had bikes in the past that would stick like that due to some lack of attention. If you haven't had the fluid changed out in a while it is a good idea to do so, you will be amazed at how much better fresh fluid will make suspension feel.

is fresh fluid something i can do on my own or do i need to send my shock somewhere? thank you


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Bonzai :)

yes it makes it hard for riding dosent it. I would not know i do not have this problem. Say what does this have to do with my shock problem???? i dont care about ppenv. You hung like mules can all get together and compare for all i care. lol

If you have never done one before I would suggest you get someone to do the fluid change. It is not very difficult, you just have to pay close attention and make sure you get the shock bled properly. You will have to take it to a shop to get the nitrogen filled.


How long has it been since you checked the bearings on the shock linkage? As previously stated, chances are that you have a lower link bearing binding. I have seen this problem on several occaisions.

I would check that before I started to have the shock rebuilt.

Bonzai :)

ok. great. thanks for the ideas. I will check the linkage Would you sugggest changing all bearings while appart. For all i know it may be the original componants. thanks for the help.

As you know, I'm not a proponent for changing things out for the heck of it. The bearing replacement kits run about $75.00 for the Link Bearings, and $75,00 for the Swing Arm bearings.

When you pull it down care fully remove the bolts (Slowly) so that it doesn't pull the needle bearings out with it. If there is still some lube inside you can reapply another coat of a good "Molly High Pressure Grease" and reassemble" I do believe that I had to buy the shock bearings separately.

Check out.

Bonzai :)

bearings got a little stiff and gummed up. But no dmage. Just needed cleaned and new grease. thanks for your help.


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