got the wr 400 running now have small carb issues

i got it running after alot of carb cleaning because it sat so long everything was clogged. now it runs good except when you blip the throttle it has a huge hesitation and pops bad on deseleration. i know TT has a carb jetting section, but after this carb being clogged i think it could be some of this extra stuff that this carb has on it. i cleaned all jets, new float needle assymbly, and cleaned passageways but didn't mess with anything else. also how many turns on the pilot screw for a stock bike. is hard to adjust with the carb on. all other jetting should be right except the pilot. ive tried 2 turns and a half turn either way. but it idles perfect maybe i put that swing arm thing that goes from the throttle cables on wrong? thanks

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