Where can I get more of these turn indicators?

These came on my bike when I bought it, and I think they are about the best turn signals you can get. The previous owner said that he bought them from Scott Summers Racing.


I called SSR, and they said that they no longer carry them, and they do not know who does.

Anybody out there know where I can get some more of these? The white part is rubber (very flexible), and is unbreakable. My girlfriend needs a new set of blinkers, and these are the way we would like to go.



I contacted SRC about a year ago about these blinkers and was told that the only way to get these blinkers was to contact the manufacturer in China.

I'll try to find the email with the company's name but I probably deleted it long ago....

The flush mount blinkers work pretty good - I haven't broke them - yet.


And while your at it buying things made in china, throw in fifty more bucks just so they have more money for red bullits

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