clutch cable help!!!!

Ok, I am having serious troubles with my clutch cable. It is at its limits on adjustments at every point, at the motor, at the mid cable and at the perch. I just replaced the cable with a motion pro cable and the same thing. I cannot get the cable to fit right. The cable at the motor has one nut on it and when i put the cable end flush on the bracket and the nut toward the pivot I am maxed out on the mid cable adjustment and perch adjustment. What could possibly be the trouble. Any help would be appreciated. p.s. when I took the clutch apart to peek in there i noticed the ball bearing that goes between push rod 1 and 2 is inside pushrod 1. On older 450's it is flush between rod 1 and 2?? Someone has had to have had this issue before.....

You are the one who has the ASV lever on this bike, right? You still have not once mentioned what year 450 you have.

But, no, all YZ 450's have the ball installed in the push rod stack.

yes, I did put the asv levers on, but i did swap the oem ones back on and I still have the same issue. It is an 08 450f also. Sorry about that.

Is the clutch itself still original?

That part I don't know. I bought the bike used from a dealer. I will say if I have the cable on and adjusted to the max everywhere that the bike does run fine.

Perhaps, the actuator arm (where the cable inner attaches at the engine) had been removed and not replaced on the correct spline?

That is exactly what I thought, but on the 08 450f they don't have splines. It just sits in the case and the pushrod presses into a notch in the arm. It is almost impossible to put it in correctly. With the cable disconnected at the motor the arm doesn't "engage" the clutch until about an 1-1/2 from the cable holder. Is that correct?

Yes, that's all correct. At least my '06's have that same gap at the arm. There's no adjuster at the engine end, but you could, in desperation, put a slotted washer there to back the cable up a bit. When I moved my ASV C5's to my '06, I had to run the adjuster built into the top of the cable out quite a way to get the lever adjuster in range.

If an aftermarket clutch was used, the stack height could be wrong. One thing you could try if you want to experiment with it is substituting some steel plates from an '06 clutch to shorten the stack height. The '06 plates are 0.4 thinner. Bear in mind, that shortening the stack reduces the spring force applied to the clutch slightly. Also, you'll want to be certain the pressure plate clears the end of the boss when the whole thing bolts up.

Another more radical tack to take is to install a complete, 9 plate '06 clutch. You need a full plate set, a pressure plate, springs, and a release arm from an '06 to do that.

But it seems like you must be missing something here somewhere. One thing to keep in mind is that the cable is going to need slack added to it as the clutch wears, not the other way around, so you might be worried about nothing, too.

Thinking out loud, it is also possible, the clutch release ball bearing is missing.

That is the first thing I checked for and thought it was missing but it was just inside the push rod stack. Yep, it is there. I will try to post some pics tonight of what my set up looks like just to get the cable to fit with the correct free play in the clutch.

When I put my ASV's on here is what I had to do in order to get enough clutch. Mine is on an 06 450.


Thanks for the info. I have done the same thing you've done also, but someone else posted on here to call asv and they have what is called "barrel extenders". I called them and they are sending me some for free.

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