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Another Tire Question ? !!!!!

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any reason I can't put a Kenda K270 3.25-21 on the front ?

and a MT21 140/80-18 on the rear?

will they both fit without rubbing on anything?

I know the K270 isn't the best off-road sneaker, but I will be putting alot of street miles on my XR650R, and I need to have the best on-pavement braking I can get here in NJ. ( there are alot of retirement villages around here ! )

I just had the K270 front and back on my 87 xl600, but I didn't put more than 30 miles on them before I sold the bike.

and the MT21 gets really bad marks in "sand" in all the reviews. is it really that bad?

should I get the D606 instead?

will it hold up with all the pavement miles?

South Jersey is all "sandy"... in one flavor or another. no "topsoil" anywhere!

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I have the MT 21 in the rear- the tire hooks up pretty well in just about anything. I have framed it in the sand just to see if it will get itself out, and it has yet to fail me. Pavement life is another thing. I am betting around 1000 miles is gonna be it for it or the D606. It's just the nature of the tire, I'm afraid. The Kendas are a good bang for the buck, really. I have one on the back of my old SL, and it hooks different terrains well enough beyond that bike's capabilities anyways. Don't see why it wouldn't do just as good in the front.

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