Quick weight loss for the WR450

I am going to remove the e-start on my bike. After all been riding these things since 98 and they really weren't hard to start before. Now they are even easier. How is this going to be done. My plan is to buy the left hand case from a YZ450. No special plates are necessary and the part isn't very spendy. Once the part comes in I will let you know the total weight savings and any problems I encounter. Hopefully, I will get my issue of MXA before I start the project and will get some tips from them so I'm not doing it on my own entirely.

Come to Michigan and lets Rock!

I am here! When and where? ----Mike


Thats how i was going to do it if i ditched the e-start.Any ideas on if you'll need anything else?Please keep us posted.

Thanks :)

This thread is making me sleepy :)

beezer, a yz and wr!? you spoiled little--er, wish I was you. Did 50 miles in the woods today on my wr. Maybe the bike isn't perfect in every way but the more I ride it the more impressed I am with it. I'm riding longer wheelies than ever and this thing flat tracks like a champ. the wr is the bike for me- get it licensed + super off road.

I can still do 73 MPH and out run a WR450 any day.

That's funny! :)

I will out ride 90% of the guys on the WRs.

That's really funny!! :D

I have added a kickstand, Panorama Odometer, 909 hand guards, 4 oz flywheel weight, FMF Q, coolant overflow


If you're going to do all that you should have bought the WR 450F.

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!! :D hahaha

good times.........

I'm gonna take the estart from the WR and put it on the YZ cause the YZ is too light and the WR is to heavy.

And then I'm gonna......... I know shut up beezer. :)

There is a method to the madness, I never keep a bike for more than 2 years. I get usally a 1000 less than I paid for the bikes new.

And if I'm a little short on cash I knock over a few liquor stores.

Stunner, that a killer idea. Are you sure the cover's are the same? Does the YZ have that same wire pass through behind the oil fill.

Yeah.Well mine is bigger than yours! :)

There is some serious bench racing going on here.....If just half of you guys would get off the bench and out on the race course the rest of us just might have a little competition out here.....

Very intertaining thread..... LMAO

Bonzai :)

Love to but there's 2 feet of snow out there.


well i have had both bikes loved them . Both are fast :) I would have to say that my wr450 will better the top half of the 90 % I'm always looking for a good race. email and we can hook up and show ya what a wr450 with a AA ride can do . Thanks :D

The best way to improve your power to weight ratio is to just go on a diet, or if you really want to drop weight remove your front wheel and forks and just ride on the back wheel. Ok, just thought I would add my no sence to all this nonsence.

"No sense makes sense" Charlie Manson 1967

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