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08 KTM 530 excr JD jetting help

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I installed the JD kit 08 530 excr The smog is gone

42p blue needle 3rd from the top 175m and the cap

on the pump diaphragm and the big 0 ring

exhaust has been circumcised now it's down on power from mid to top end

but it idles great i ride mostly 300ft/3000ft

an couple times i gave it a handful of throttle and popped the clutch in 3rd

and it fell right on its face like i turned the key off

it use to burn rubber and lift front tire

It had 48p OBDZT 6 from the top 180m and ran better on top

but to fat at idle no backfires on decel now backfires :)

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When you were running the 48, DZT-6,180 had the bike been de-smoged and the exhaust opened up yet? When it used to BURN RUBBER and lift the front tire was it de smogged and de restricted? After doing the JD kit install of big O ring cap on the diaphragm standoff - on carb re assembly did you verify the AC pump operation and squirt?

The carb comes stock with a 40 leak and normal diaphragm when you install the JD cap on the diaphragm you essentially turn it into a HONDA diaphragm with a longer stand off (a cheaper version of the Honda diaphragm). This cuts off the AC pump operation past approx 1/2 to 5/8 throttle. The large O ring increases the intensity of the pump squirt.

So with the small 40 leak and O ring you get good strong squirt on the first half of the throttle opening---should work great.

When you open the exhaust the likelihood of popping on decell increases dramatically.

Based on your comments you might try RED 4 or 5 vs the Blue 3.

If you are anywhere near Valencia, PM me and maybe I can help you out as I stock all the Keihin, Jets, needles, and JD kits.



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