jetting and needle for YZ timed WR


I need some recco's on needle and jetting after I go to YZ timing on the WR. Dodger, I am very interested in any feedback you may have on this subject.

I know you were happy with the change and I am wondering what needle and jetting you settled on.

Thanks in advance for your help guys


i can only assume you have either a 400 or 426 since the 450 has not been proven to run ok with the yz timing. if so, I have had success with the stock yz setup. this basically consists of tweaking the fuel screw and replacing the needle and the main jet with yz spec parts. do the grey wire mod too and remove the restrictions in the airbox and exhaust and you have a good setup to start with!

Yo Racemile, :D what's up!

My setup is based upon Hicks advice, and good advice it was. EKQ needle, and am currently running clip 4 out at Berthoud. But will be at clip 3 for the summer in the hills I'm guessing.

PJ: 42, 40 in summer.

MJ: 158, but will be back to the 150 when it gets warmer and elevation goes up.

PScrew: Um, whateve is working at the time.........

It's what's working for me at this point, hope it get's you close!!

You riding Idaho in June? May be my first enduro :)...


Dodger :D :D


Thanks for the help. I dont know about Idaho yet. I am gonna have to see how the bike runs in testing before I make any commitments. But, I do want to do an enduro this year.


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