what YZ tank will fit my 06WR450

i tried searching and got a bunch of mixed answers.

I have an 06wr450 and want to buy a black tank from clarkemfg, they have the '03-'05 stock size yz and a 2.8gal yz......can i get either of these tanks and still use the stock wr seat and shrouds????

please help!

The 05 yz is about the same as the 06 wr (parts wise). You may have to do some seching but you wr shrouds should work. I put the 3.3 gal from acreibies on mine and got the stock shrouds to work.

okay thanks. found the answer too.

for a 2006wr450....Clarke has a stock yz and 2.8gal that fit the 06 wr450 with the stock wr seat and shrouds. they also have black, blue, white, and natural.

i just ordered the stock 06wr450 tank in black

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