03 Wieght

Does anyone have the weight for the "03" WR 450? I'm trying to compare oranges to blueberries but don't have all of the info.

Ok so what was last years weight

1 pound lighter then last year. So only about 25 pounds heavier then most of us would like. LOL.

I am not sure about the WR 450, but I messed around the the WR 250F at the Washougal Nationals...I picked the thing off of the stand....man what a heavy tank the 250F was!...I thought I must have just grabbed it wrong, so I did it a few more times...NOPE! That thing has to weigh more than my '01 KTM 520EXC. I can't imagine how heavy the 450F will be!

Also, on the left side there is a quick access air filter cover and no grab handle like there is on the right side. That would make it a bike more awkward to pic up if you were standing on the right side of the bike.......

Me and the Yamaha rep that was there were speculating as to why they didn't have a grab handle....he thought that it was because it would be a straight shot right into the air box from the grab handle....After we removed the side cover, that didn't appear to be the case.

I was really bummed that the 250 weighed so much. That would put the 450 into Volks Wagon bus weight category! I was really looking forward to buying a lighter bike that I could actually get parts for!

Looks like I will be keeping the KTM for another year.....and that is actually ok........

Since i'm trying to figure out what to buy, I have looked at the published specs on some bikes. The KTM 525EXC posts a weight of 249lbs. The 525MXC posts 252lbs. With Yamaha Claiming the YZ450 is 232lbs. I want to know how much a battery, starter, kickstand, tail light, head light, lighting coil, as well as the wires to run this stuff must weight. I took all of that stuff off of my 2000 (with the exception of the stator and wires) and I find that they don't weigh 20 lbs. So I really don't see how that 520 of Helemt Cam Guy can be much lighter.

With all of that in mind I have riden both the Wr400 and have raced the 520EXC in the Laughlin Hare scrambles. The KTM is a great bike right out of the box(but for quite a bit more money). Narrower through the mid section but I dont think it is that much lighter, if any.

Hey Pyroted, I think if you look at how huge the WR kickstands are, and consider that the YZ450 is a 4 speed instead of a 6 like the WR, and also consider that the pipe on the WR is probably the heaviest pipe made since about 1980, while the YZ has a lighter titanium header and such, I think you will find that a 20 lb. difference is being generous.

I actually asked the Yamaha rep about the weight and was told to add about 7 lbs. onto the claimed weight, then ad some more for fluids as they spec the bikes totally dry....minus about 7 lbs.....

Seems wierd that a Yamaha rep would say that but I know that all of the manufacturers do it. Some more than others.

My wife rides Yamahas and I am really impressed with how tough her 250F has been. So I was totally stoked to see that the WR line was getting the E start, and a new seat/tank and diet, ready to buy myself a blue one....I was pretty disappointed with the weight of the '03 WR250F.

Still waiting for a $3.50 part for my KTM.....

Blue just keeps looking better and better.

I know there are a lot of things to consider, but a 6th gear on the WR isn't one of them. The debate is that I have "00" WR have been very satified with it. My buddy got that damn 520 last year and it too is a good bike. Any way is the weight so bad that if I spent $250 on a pipe and removed that over flow, did all the mods and got it back to where it should be from the factory how will it compare to the 525? (in terms of weight). Performance I can see. 520 has that 6th gear and a few more ponies. When we run across the desert at 80-90 the 520 pulls away from me now. But I also ride some MX once in a while and still would like to strip it down and not have it feel like an ancor.

It would be nice for a manufacturere to weigh the bikes with oil, brake fluid, grease, coolant and a standard 1.5 - 2 gallons in the tank.

What good is the measurement if every part on the bike is weighed without any liquids, grease, or even tires. If it is not an applicable measurement then why do they give it. May as well give the Yamaha N/A answer meaning that even if they did post it it is still not applicable.

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