Case cover removal

I have a small hole in the cover of my left side case (shifter side) and was having a problem with the removal. I took out ever bolt and the torqe gear. Any body know what I missed?

depends where the hole is - the left side does not have a full cover like the right side does - it's only partial, if it's outside of the area that covers the stator, then it's actually your engine/transmission case that has the hole in it and you'll need to split your motor completely to remove the case half.

On the part of the cover that covers the starter, there is a cap over it with a little mark on the top if it. Pull that off and the starter clutch will fall out. There is a bolt behind there.

Is the problem you can't get the cover off, or what? If so, Dav810 above has a point. It is easy to miss the case bolt in the idler gear cavity.

This is the bolt hole I was talking about. I had to change the cover gasket so I took this picture to show you the hidden bolt.


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