Hour meter question...

I have a SenDEC Shop Tach installed on my yz, but I didn't install it until I already had aprox 15 hrs on the bike already...

Since the hour/tach keeps track of total bike running time, I was wondering if anyone knows a way I could add the 15 hrs to the meter???

I would hook it up to a lawn mower or just anything that would throw a spark until it reached the desired hours.

Other than that I dont know how you can by just setting it to run up hours itself.:)

I guess I could just hook it up to a spark plug cable in my car and let my commutes add time to it?

Yes, that would work too.

If you go too far by mistake you can drive in reverse to count backwards. Right? Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

Yeah that would suck to forget about it and add too many...

I could see it now...

me, "No, I swear there's only 35 hours on the bike"

buyer, "Then why does it say on here it has 75 hours?"

Just for S&G, has anyone take one of these gizmos and wound the trigger wire around an 110v AC cord connected to, say, an electric fan to see if that will cause it to run up time?

Just tried it...No, it didn't register anything using a fan...I'm going to go put it in the car now...

UPDATE: Works fine on the car, two zip ties, done deal...I'll just pull it off after 10hrs driving...

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