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yz85 airbox filter cover for washing airbox

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i came up with an idea for washing my sons airbox out.this cover is cheap,i think i have around $6.00 or less in it.go to youre local hardware an go to the plumbing section an pick up a pvc cap.mine measure just under 4 1/2 inches.then drill the right size hole in the center.

this is the cap with a rubber seal i made for it.


this is the bolt with the washer i used an a old peice of intertube for a gasket.


this is the bolt a washer an gasket.


this is how it looks.


this is installed on the bike for cleaning.


hope this helps someone.it cheap to make an works great.i havent tried it with a pressure washer i just use some brushes an a spray bottle.it cheaper than the twin air one thats like $30.kawie

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